Terms and Conditions
By using the services you are agreeing to the binding conditions.

1 Service description
The service provider will try to uphold the service 24 hours a day. Not included are times, when the service is, due to technical or other problems in the system outside the responsibility of the service provider (due to divine intervention, fault of others) not available on the internet. No claim can be made as to non stop availability of the service.
Should it happen that, due to possible mistakes while using the service, problems arise, the service provider can not be made liable for lost income or following damage. The service provider can in general not be made liable for ensuing damage, be it cases of indirect, accidental, or ensuing damage of the product, or financial disadvantages such as loss of income, loss of profit, loss of product value, that were induced by using the services, or one of the sites of the service provider or refer to damage from contracts, carelessness, lack of right, statutes, right of price, in front of a court or else.
The services which are free of charge and other help we provide are on a purely voluntary basis. There is absolutely no right by law to them. Exclusions do not have to be explained and can be put into action without further notice. The service consists of a URL forwarding service for users who want to simplify their internet addresses. Users are provided with a domain that can be reached all over the world, as well as through the system operated by the service provider.

2 Alteration of conditions for use
The service provider has the right to alter the conditions without further notice. Users agree to any future form of conditions, and agree to follow these conditions. The service provider also has the right to cancel any alterations of conditions without having to state reasons.

3 Alteration of service
The service provider has the right to alter the stated service or stop to provide it. The service provider can not be made responsible for the alteration or cease of providing the service against the user or a third party.

4 Data security
Concerning the offered service the user is obliged to (1) give then correct, complete and up to date information, if he is asked to do so by the service provider in any way, and to (2) keep this information up to date, correct and complete if required. This is important especially for the request of personal data. The service provider has the right to save personal data and other information that concerns the users behaviour, as long as this is required to provide the service.
The service provider has the right to stop providing the service to the user or to delete the saved data if any of the given information should be incorrect.

5 Access, Recognition of access, Security
The user can change his password or any other information online at any time.
Here it is the customers duty to keep all passwords for his access safe from others and to prevent misuse and loss of the same. The service provider is not responsible for claims or costs caused by the before mentioned breaches of contract.

6 Provided contents, programs and data
(1) The text, picture and sound material provided by the service provider as well as programs are subject to copyright law in most cases. The use of this material (especially copying and providing) is allowed only with the official written approval of the service provider.

(2) Rules for individually created contents
The user is responsible that the contents is not against the law. The service provider has the right to take out contents that is against the law without further notice. If a user acts against these regulations or ignores a warning the service provider has the right to end the contract because of important reasons. The service provider has the right to take out or stop contents that may impair the security of the service in special cases.
The service provider also has the right to take out the service of a user without further notice if he is using other programs within his service that impair the working order or the security of this service. The user also has the knowledge that by transmitting data through the internet there always is the chance that this data may be viewed by unauthorized people. This risk is taken by the customer.

7 Responsibility of the user concerning contents and domain names
The customer is responsible for all contents that is produced or published by him or through his access code and his service. A general check or monitoring of this contents is not done by the service provider.
Also the service provider does not check the contents/the domain name of the user concerning rights of others to these. The user has to check the legal status of his brand and domain name before requesting the registration.
The user agrees to all measures the service provider has to take in order to perform all court rulings and decisions. The customer excludes the service provider from all claims of others, all arising costs and ensuing disadvantages. This especially refers to breach of copyright, data security competition. Parents have legal responsibility for minors and have to watch over contract agreements. These conditions especially refer to services to others.
Any misuse ob knowingly or unknowingly of any services provided by the service provider is prohibited. All claims of others to virtual property of the service provider are rejected.
In order to avoid extra costs the user is obliged to us the service with according care.

8 Exclusions of liability
The service provider can not be made liable for faults or neglects on his sites and has the right to change anything with out further notice.
There for, all the information that concern the sites of the service provider, the service provider himself or others, are as the can be seen.
Because of this the service provider can not give any guarantee or take liability for contents being up to date, correct, or the quality of the sites, or if a domain is linked to a site with unwanted or offensive contents. This especially refers to sites on the internet that are only meant for adults or may offend some people. The service provider emphasizes that there is no connection between him and the contents of sites that there are links to. This refers to all links, redirections on the sites of the service provider or on the sites provided by him.
It can not be guaranteed, that sites entered by the user may automatically lead to unwanted links and contents of other sites. The service provider does not give any guarantee for provided information and software, as well as the exclusion of liability for functioning and completeness of the product for sale of other purposes.
Some law do not allow the exclusion of guarantee, so the above stated can not be used in every case.
All the trademarks used on the sites of the service provider are registered for the corresponding owners. The service provider does not pretend to own these rights.

9 Other
Should one of these rules become invalid or the conditions incomplete the conditions are not altered in their entity. The invalid rule is replaced by the rule that comes closest in a legal and commercial way. The same applies to any legal gap in these conditions.